Fun in the Sun

As we all know, we had our English 102 field trip a couple of weeks ago. That was a really fun day, meeting new people and learning new things. My favorite part of the day was when I convince our Professor to take a walking tour of the campus. We enjoyed the outdoors with great people. Getting outside and enjoying the weather is very important. When you take time out of your day to enjoy the little things, like a beautiful campus, you can enjoy life a lot. I had an awesome time that day.

Softball season has been in full swing the past couple of weeks. My batting has not been very good so I have been working really hard on the weekends. I even got tan while being outside so that was awesome. My mom has been making me clean and do stuff for my graduation party on June 1st. I really enjoy being outside but not when I have to do work. I visited my father at our cabin and we did even more yard work. I cannot wait for the summer when I can just participate in fun activities like swimming, biking, and long-boarding.

Graduation is approaching and I have to finish all of my school work so I have not been outside much. I cannot wait until I have everything done and I just get to have a fun time. I am kind of sad that this is y last blog post but it has been fun. Remember to stay wild, folks.


Left Side

Softball season is here!!!! Spring+Softball=complete satisfaction. Softball/baseball season is my favorite time of year because I get to play with all of my favorite people. I also like that it is played outside. This season is super awesome already because we started on time. The snow is gone and we get to play. I play shortstop which is on the left side of the field and my other friends, Anna and Syd, play left field and third. We came up with this thing this year because we love the left side, “left side, best side”. Of course we support everyone on our team because we love our team but we just like our side more. Baseball is also fun because the boys are fun to watch. After our games, the baseball games are usually still going so we go support the baseball team. Their games are more exciting when the softball team is there because we cheer. A lot of my favorite people are on the baseball team. Sitting outside, watching softball/baseball is a huge mood. Everyone seems happier which is a plus. Prairie Farm is not the most athletic school but we are not that bad at softball and baseball. We win games and winning is definitely more fun than losing. I also like softball because my grandparents always come and bring their dog. They also bring me candy after every game. Softball season also means that summer is almost here! Summer means lots of ice cream, swimming, long-boarding, and tons of adventures with my friends! I honestly cannot believe that this is my last softball season. I have been playing softball since third grade and it is almost over. The past four years of softball have been quite event full and fun. I am a little excited for softball to be over because then I can hit the skate park with my skateboard. I am too afraid to do it now because I do not want to break something. I hope we make it far in softball this year.

Easter Extravaganza

Who doesn’t love spending time with their family on Easter, right? This year, I was able to attend three Easters which meant I ate a lot of food but I also did a lot of outdoor activities. Spring is one of my favorite times to be outside because it is not very hot but it is also not cold. This was a very active Easter. I spent a lot of time with my family. These are the activities I did…

  1. Of course I went long-boarding because it was such an awesome weekend.
  2. I played a little basketball and completely sucked but I had a good time so it was okay.
  3. I went for lots of walks with lots of different family members.
  4. My mom planned an outdoor Easter egg hunt with clues. (wild)
  5. Hiking with my sister in Eau Claire. (We couldn’t find the trail but walked around a lot)

This weekend was the perfect weekend. The weather was awesome and so was the company. Easter is not my favorite holiday but I do enjoy spending time with my family. Being able to enjoy outdoor activities is perfect. My family enjoys being outdoors as much as I do. We have a cabin on Shell Lake and spend most of our summer there. Too bad this class does not go into the summer because I could tell you about those crazy adventures. My favorite thing about being outdoors is being 100% connected to people instead of other things like Snapchat. Being outside is a perfect vibe and I love it. Also my grandparents recently adopted a dog and her name is Shelly. Shelly is probably the cutest dog on the planet and makes everything better. Spending time with my family reminds me of how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family.

Groovy Trip

This past week I spent a lot of time on the road and not in school. I traveled to Wisconsin Dells and Madison. I was not allowed to bring my long board to the Wisconsin Dells or Madison but that did not stop me from enjoying the outdoors. On Monday of last week, it was seventy degrees in Wisconsin Dells so I spent a lot of time outside. I got a little tan at the outdoor hot tub. I also went for multiple walks and runs because it was so nice. Once I realized how nice it was outside I was pretty upset that I did not sneak my long board of the trip. Since I was not allowed to bring my long board to Madison and I was celebrating life, I decided to buy a skateboard. This probably was not the best financial decision since I do have to save for college. However, I do not regret my decision at all. This was probably one of the best investments of my life. After I bought the skateboard, I was excited so I started to ride and realized that a skateboard is way different than a long board. Way more advanced! I fell multiple times and scraped my elbow. I did not hurt because it was pretty cold on Friday so I am okay. The main reason I bought a skateboard is so I can do tricks but it is hard to do tricks when you are not very good. Like I mentioned in my last post, having a board makes me feel pretty cool. Now that I have a long board and a skateboard I feel really cool. It is very important to have something in your life that makes you happy. Enjoying life is probably the most important thing you can do with your life. Stay tuned for more adventures with boards, the outdoors and so much more!

Riding Dirty

Spring is here and it is awesome. I bought a long-board at the end of December and I could not wait to ride it. However, since I live in Wisconsin the roads were covered in snow and I could not ride my long board. Now that the roads are clear and the sun is out the only place you can find me is riding my long board. Picture this, the sun is out, wind in your hair, and just the sounds of nature. Spring is my favorite season because the temperature is perfect. I also really enjoy the puddles because who doesn’t love jumping in puddles? I rode around Prairie Farm one night with my friend Mitchell which was a great feeling. Honestly, if you ever want to feel free buy a long board. My hopes for this summer are to ride it at my cabin in Shell Lake and many other places like California. One of the main reasons I bought a long board was because I thought people looked really cool riding and I wanted to be cool. I do not know if I am considered cool because I have a long board but I do feel pretty cool. Another reason I bought a long board is because want to long board at college. I had no idea how to ride one when I bought it but I was still super excited. Before the board arrived in the mail, I watched a fourteen minute long YouTube video on how to ride a long board. Once it came, I took what I learned from the video and practiced in my house and garage. My mom did not enjoy me practicing in the house a lot but practice is key. After months of riding in the house and in my garage it was finally time to take it outside. I was really afraid at first because it was a new activity and a lot of people told me I was probably going to get hurt. However, I was very excited and could not stop smiling the whole time. This is the best investment of my life!